About Us

Hello.  Welcome to DividendMonkey.com. Thanks for visiting us.  We hope you enjoy yourself here and you can learn more about us below.

Sky Tree


We have been investing for 10 years with mixed results using different strategies.  We have decided to focus on building a passive income through dividend growth stocks, REITs, safe high yielders, and other dividend strategies to achieve financial freedom.  So, on December 2015, we created this website and made our 1st post.  Through our time, we have learned a lot.

About Us

We are college educated and hardworking with full time jobs.  We are using dividend investing to try and make a better life for ourselves and our 2 amazing sons.  Originally, we live in the Northeast of the US and moved to the warmer Southeast of the United States.


Our goal is to build a passive income portfolio that will give us financial independence through stock dividends.  As much fun as work is, I think traveling the world will be a much better use of our time.  Or going to the beach.  Maybe running our own business.  Or to continue working, knowing that it is my choice, and not because I have too.


There is a lot of reasons to want to become financially independent.  Travel the world, quit work, eat out every night, or have a lot more free time. At the end of the day, I think the reason I want to become financially independent it to be able to take care of my family.  If I cannot work, I know there will be food on the table, a house to live in, and I do not need to ask anyone for help.  While I would love to have all the other advantages that come with financial independence, my family is the biggest reason.

Thank you to my wife who always supports me.  My 2 children who are always there to play with me.  And my father for always helping me and pushing me forward.  And to all of our followers, for giving us support to keep writing and providing awesome feedback.  Thank you for visiting our blog and reading our journey.