Dividend Income Total in 2017

2017 has ended about a couple of months ago.  I was curious to see how my dividend income was stacking up year over year.  And Boom, it more than doubled YoY (year over year).  So, let’s look at the Dividend Income Total in 2017.

Dividend Income Total in 2017

In 2016, our 1st year, the grand total dividend income was $475.  Not bad for a start for our 1st year.

Dividend Income Total in 2017

Then, 2017 happened.  Do any of you remember that happening?  A lot of changes and interesting things happened over the last year.  But do you know what the best thing is?  I had a new son who is almost 1 years old.  Wait, this is a dividend stock site. That’s right (Focus), our dividend income went up 253%.  Boom. Our dividend income in 2017 was $1,205.

Who was our Largest Dividends?

  • OCR       $168
  • NRZ       $136
  • KSS        $110
  • SNH       $84
  • STAG      $76

Actually, looking at this list, I am surprised at the top names giving me dividend income. But I am happy they are paying me lots of dividends.

Dividend Income is Passive

In 2017, I had a lot of changes.  As mentioned above, I had my second son.  I got a new job.  We fixed up the house a lot, in case we want to move closer to our new job.  Paid off some of our loans.  Built back up our emergency fund from the time off in between jobs.  Even when I was paying less attention to my dividend stocks, they kept making me money, passively.  I didn’t need to call them up and ask for it.  They just paid me out of the goodness of their hearts.  Or because they have too, but whatever.  And, with the companies I own, I can sleep at night and not babysit them.  I already have a baby to watch, and I love it.


You can read more of our Dividend Income History here.  Thank you for joining our journey.

How did your Dividend Income Total in 2017?  Do you have impressive growth YOY?  Are you ever so closer to finical independence?

Disclosure: ORC, NRZ, KSS, SNH, STAG: We own shares.


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6 thoughts on “Dividend Income Total in 2017

  1. Very nice year. I see we share some great REIT stocks. I wish I had money and be a day time stock trader but I do not have the time or money but what I do have is patience and that has allowed me to build up my portfolio over the last 2 years little by little. I hope you have a great year.

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