Doubling my Dividend Income in April 2017

Doubling my income is fun.  In fact, I did a little better than that at a 130% increase.  Making more dividends to invest in more dividend stocks to earn more dividends sure is a lot of fun circle.  Doubling my Dividend Income in April 2017 is so sweet.

Doubling my Dividend Income in April 2017

Our April dividend income from last year to this year jump up from $31.25 to $72.01.  While doubling down in Blackjack can be fun, doubling my dividend income will pay for years to come.

Also, we started our 2017 Best of Breed Dividend Stock List. We are making this list to have the all in one list of the best stocks in the different categories.  Although, we still are working hard at it.

Doubling my Dividend Income in April 2017

  • NRZ        $33.60
  • STAG     $5.25
  • O             $3.80
  • EPR        $4.76
  • APLE      $5.60
  • MAIN    $5.00
  • ORC       $14.00

Total Dividend Income: $72.01

Stock Purchases

We added Mattel (MAT) High Toy Yield to our dividend collection for passive income.

You can read more of our Dividend Income History here.  Thank you for joining our journey.

How did your April dividend income go?  Did you double down and make a lot more?  How close are you to your passive income goals? Please feel free to share in this fun time with us.

Disclosure: NRZ, STAG, O, EPR, APLE, MAIN, ORC: We own shares.


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24 thoughts on “Doubling my Dividend Income in April 2017

  1. Looks like you had a very nice month. I had a dividend increase of 354.9% in April over last April from $34.51 to $156.99. You really cannot compare the two months seeing that last year was my first year in dividend investing but seeing such nice increases at least tells me I am the right path. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year brings.

  2. Awesome results. I think you like saying “doubling your dividend income.” It does have a nice ring to it. Keep up the good work. Always love reading these updates!

    1. I do like saying it. I used that a few times in my article. It helps with investing to actually enjoy what you are doing. Thank you for reading and I will continue to post.

    1. Thank you for reading. I plan on adding to the best of bed list. There is so many great companies, and it takes time to pick the best one in each category. This year has been great. Happy investing, DM.

  3. Amazing results! Double the income, double the fun. Technically I could say I sextupled (is that a word?) compared to last month, but since this is only my second update it doesn’t really say much (especially with a yearly dividend payout from AD) 🙂

    1. Hey, growing by huge amounts is great. I enjoying comparing to my 1st year, because the comparable are so easy. There is nothing wrong with celebrating sky high resuts.

  4. I love the aggressive growth. With the stock market advancing 20-30% since the election, some value investors are staying on the sideline. I haven’t seen many buys in he dividend growth community. Therefore, it’s great to see you’re still buying and planning to hold on for a long time, while everyone is trying to time the market.

    I love your chart, each month is double for quadruple grow.

    1. January was almost a 9,000% gain. This has been a great year.
      It harder to find good bargains. But I am finding some. I made several good purchases last month. Athough, I do have some firepower saved up for when the market get a nice corrections. It is a balancing act that I am walking. Thank you for stopping by.

    1. Thank you. Doubling is always awesome. If I could keep that up year over year, I would have a ton of passive income. One can dream. Thank you and have fun investing, DM

  5. Congrats there on doubling your dividend income. The work years ahead will be tougher to double but smoother in process and of course bigger too with compounding.

  6. Congrats on doubling your dividends. However, I must say that you do own some pretty risky and low quality stocks. Out of the ones you mentioned in your article, I only own O and MAIN which are the blue chips of their respective sectors. Though, even for a blue chip BDC like MAIN, I keep my exposure to no more than 2% of my portfolio.

    Mattel is a pure speculative play (hope someone buys them) as the dividend is not covered and can be cut at any time.

    The other REITs that you have listed with the exception of EPR have no credit rating, have low market cap, and hardly a dividend history. Even EPR is barely an investment grade at BBB-. I used to own EPR at one point but decided to de-risk my portfolio and sold it for a nice gain.

    I do like STAG and have thought about owning it but since I already own MNR (a long-time industrial REIT), I decided I have enough exposure in industrial REITs.

    Regarding mortgage REITs, I would not touch them with a 10 foot pole and that includes Annaly which I used to own at one point but luckily sold it before the dividend cut. They are hard to evaluate and in a rising interest environment seems riskier than non-mortgage REITs.

    My recommendation would be to focus on quality and long-term dividend growth rather than a very high starting yield. Remember high yield does not equal quality. You want to have a dividend income stream that is sustainable and growing over a very long period of time.

    I see that you are not a newbie in dividend investing and your ‘about’ page talks about investing in safe high yielders, so I’m curious to learn what criteria you are using to determine dividend safety or quality.

    All the best,
    Mr. ATM

  7. Mr. ATM,

    Thank you for the very thoughtful responce. I appreciate it. Before I get started responding, thank you very much for challenging me on what I own. I will be keeping this in mind with some of my future purchases.

    All of my stocks listed are about 2% of my portfolio. They are just the ones that happened to pay me last month. I will give you these picks are risky, but I will not acknowledge low quality. I have spent a ton of time reading the corporate filings, news, and Seeking Alpha analysis on my picks. I have reviewed the finincial statements, and I can sleep happy at night with my picks.

    As far as the variety and quality of stocks I have now, I use to have a better balance. Too make a long story short, I became unemployed last year, and I sold everything in my taxable account. This left me with the stocks I own now. I am working on adding more Dividend Aristocrats to balance these stocks out.

    I view MAT like CAT or DE when they were struggling. I am not expecting a take over, I expect the new CEO to turn them around. However, you are correct that MAT is speculative and the dividend can be cut. I view it as a risk reward type situation. Is the risk worth the reward. For me, I decided that MAT was worth the risk.

    I like EPR. With their tenants upgrading their movie theaters, and the trend towards experiences over things, I like the future of this company.

    I like STAG. They are my best of breed industrial building REIT. They have the ability to do what O did in commercial, just 15 years earlier in the journey. With reinvested dividends, I can have a 50 bagger with reinvested dividend over the next 20 years. This one was also bought for growth.

    mREITs are not dividend growth stocks, they are high yield stocks. Higher interest rates will lead to short term pain, long term gain. I feel pretty safe with the loan types NRZ has. Although, ORC was a more risky play and they have been struggling since i bought them. They do worry me, but they keep paying me. As far as NLY, their dividend has been basically flat since 2013. Their business model is not set up to be a dividend growth stocks. They are a high yielder with some fluctuations in dividend payments. As long as you know what you own, they can be a good dividend stock. I would pick NLY to be best of breed mREIT too.

    Safe high yielders: I do pass on a lot of high yield stocks, but I do try and buy some good ones. Some rules that I have. Does cash flow or earnings currently cover the dividend? Can I sleep peacefully at night owning them, or am I worried? Do they have a moat or competitive advantage. Are the the best of breed dividend stock in their catagory. If they are not covering the dividend, is it short term weakness or a long term trend.

    I believe the sleep peacefully indicator is very important. What if there is a 20% market crash tomorrow and some of my stocks cut/eliminate their dividend, would I be in a panic? I can honestly say the answer is no. In fact, I am prepared to buy some high quality accidental high yielders on the cheap and would view it as a gift.

    As far as my newbie status, I have been dividend investing for 16 months. Although, I have been investing my money for a decade plus. Not sure if that makes me a newbie or not. I am making a lot of money, and the last 2 corrections that happened back to back were a gift to my stock account and wallet.

    I will be adding more high quality dividend companies to the list, like Dividend Aristocrats.

    I hope I covered all of your comments. And I believe you are the first person to really challenge what stocks I own here. Thank you, it has given me a lot to think about.

    Discloser: I do not own CAT or DE, but I want to. I do not own NLY, and no current plans to buy them.

    Thank you for stopping by,

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