Record Breaking Triple Digit Dividend Income for March 2017

I have been a little behind in my post lately.  We just had a New Baby and I got a new job.  I have been very busy taking care of everything.  It is a very exciting and happy time for my family and me.  In more recent news, like an hour ago, I just reviewed my dividend income and I have another surprise.  I had a record breaking month.  Not only that, it is my first triple digit month.  It is great when all of the stars line up.  I cannot believe it.  Now it is time to look at our Record Breaking Triple Digit Dividend Income for March 2017.


Record Breaking Triple Digit Dividend Income for March 2017
Record Breaking Triple Digit Dividend Income for March 2017

Our March dividend income from last year to this year jump up from $32.73 to $148.83.  I do not know what to say, I’m just so excited.  That is 455% increase in dividends year over year.  This year for dividend growth for me is just crazy.  Crazy insane or insane crazy (Eminem anyone?).

Dividend Income for March 2017

Total: $148.83

You can follow more of our Dividend Income History here.  Thank you for following.

How did your March dividend income do?  Was it Crazy insane?  Are you keeping on track to meet your goals? Please feel free to share in this happy time with us.  Thank you everyone.

Disclosure: APLE, EPR, F, GME, IP, KSS, MAIN, O, ORC, STAG, TGT: We own shares.


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14 thoughts on “Record Breaking Triple Digit Dividend Income for March 2017

  1. That has absolutely smashed your last year’s income. That is fantastic. Well done to you.

      1. I’m doing just fine. Trying to work hard to get my portfolio up and running and also possibly buy my first house. Cheers

      2. Buying your first house is very exciting. I am happy we got one with a small mortgage payment. Although, we got our 1st house 3 years ago when they were cheaper. Good luck to you.

  2. You have been very busy as of late. Congrats on your new baby and your new job. You might look back at these days as a transition point in your life. Besides your life changes you had a pretty amazing financial update too. Triple digits is always a nice sum to earn passively. I still have that IP in the back of my head somewhere. Now that you are building your income portfolio it’s time to think of one for your baby. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you. This is a great time in my life with a lot of amazing changes.
      I am trying to decide what kind of accounts to open for my sons. I could buy them individual stocks in brands they like. Or I could buy them a good dividend ETF, since I already actively manage my account. Decisions, decisions.
      Thank you for suggestion that I get them their own accounts.

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