2017 Best of Breed Dividend Stock List

When I invest in the stock market, I want best of breeds stocks for my account.  I invest my money for dividends.  Worrying at night about my amazing collection of dividend stocks is not something I want to do.  Making money with great companies is the name of my game.  Do you have a 2017 Best of Breed Dividend Stock List?

2017 Best of Breed Dividend Stock List

2017 Best of Breed Dividend Stock List

My criteria to make the best of breed list is below.  This list will continue to grow in the future as I keep researching more companies and sectors.

Group Sub Group Best of Breed Runner Ups
REIT Entertainment EPR
REIT Healthcare SNH HCP
REIT Industrial STAG
REIT Commercial O
REIT Timberlands WY
Raw Material Steel NUE X
Transportation Plane AAL DAL, LUV
Transportation Rail Road UNP NSC, CSX
Utility Electricity SO DUK, ED, EIX, NEE
Utility TV/Internet/Cell Phone VZ T
Utility Waste WM
Components Engines CMI
Components Packaging IP
Equipment Airplane BA
Equipment Automotive F GM
Equipment Farming DE
Equipment Heavy Equipment CAT
Computers Artificial Intelligence IBM
Computers Cell Phones AAPL
Computers CPU INTC
Finish Goods Pharmaceuticals PFE JNJ, LLY
Finish Goods Toy MAT HAS
Retail Big Box TGT WMT
Retail Clothes KSS M
Retail Home Improvement LOW HD
Retail Video Game GME
Retail Warehouse COST
Banking BDC MAIN
Banking Credit Cards V MA
Banking Mortgage NLY AGNC, NRZ, ORC
Fun & Travel Cruise CCL RCL
Fun & Travel Gambling LVS
Fun & Travel Theme Park SIX SEAS
Fun & Travel Video Content DIS

More of Best of  Breed stocks.

Best of Breed Dividend Stock Criteria

This is my list to get into the list.

  • Must pay a dividend to even be considered
  • Best Dividend Yield
  • Dividend Growth
  • Dividend Safety/Coverage
  • Do they make money
  • Do they have a product(s) with a moat?
  • Can I sleep easily at night owning them?

Note: Just because a stock is best for me does not make it best for you.  Also, this list is made over the last year, and some of the names can/will change.  I am working on adding more categories.


  • Group – They major categories as I view the market.
  • Sub Group – As the name says, sub groups of the groups.
  • Best of Breed – My number one pick in that category.
  • Runner Ups – The companies that I might have picked as number one. Some of them are a close second and some are much further away.  I am working on expanding the list to include more categories.


Do you have a 2017 Best of Breed Dividend Stock List to pick stocks from?  Should you have one?  Do you agree with my choices above or would you select different companies as number 1?  Please feel free to join in the conversation below.


Discloser: On 4/28/17, I am long: AAL, APLE, EPR, F, GME, IBM, IP, KSS, LVS, MAIN, MAT, NRZ, O, ORC, PFE, SNH, SO, STAG, TGT, and VZ


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13 thoughts on “2017 Best of Breed Dividend Stock List

  1. I’m surprised to not see Microsoft on there anywhere, not even as a backup/ secondary. Also, no energy stocks in the list? Oil pays big dividends and deserve at least a small place in a portfolio. CVX and XOM come to mind. Great list though, thanks for sharing.

    1. This is just my starting list. I am working on adding more categories and expanding the list. There are a lot of great companies out there. Maybe I will research some energy companies next.
      Than you for the feedback,

    1. Thank you. I use this list myself. To keep a track record when I do research of who is the best. That way, when opportunities present themselves, I already know who I like. I am glad you found this helpful.

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