Amazing Dividend Income for February 2017

The second month, February of 2017, is over.  Now it is time to look at our freaking awesome dividend income for February 2017.

Dividend Income for February 2017

We had a very impressive growth rate for February.  In 2016, we earned $11.43 in dividends.  But it 2017, we earned $76.59 in dividends.  That is an 570% increase YoY (Year over Year).  This is freaking awesome man.

  • Stoned Back Seat Passenger: “I’m freaking out man”
  • Rabbit: “You are freaking out . . . man.”

From the movie, Super Troopers.  And as a follow up

  • Stoned Back Seat Passenger: “The Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries!”

Ok, ok, back on track.

Another month of freaking awesome dividend growth.  To be fair, last month, I had an 8,571% Dividend Increase. However, 570% improvement is still freaking awesome.

Dividend Income for February 2017

  • SNH       $21.06
  • ORC       $14.00
  • VZ           $12.13
  • AAL        $10.00
  • APLE      $5.60
  • STAG     $5.25
  • EPR        $4.76
  • O             $3.79

Total: $76.59

You can follow more of our Dividend Income History here.  Thank you for following.

How did your February dividend income do?  Was it freaking awesome?  Are you keeping on track to meet your goals? Please feel free to share in this happy time for us.  Thank you everyone.

Disclosure: VZ, ORC, APLE, EPR, O, STAG, SNH, and AAL: We own shares.

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23 thoughts on “Amazing Dividend Income for February 2017

  1. Ciao DM!
    Is there a way to see your portfolio as a whole? I am curious to see what you hold! Love the site I will read more in the coming days!
    ciao caio


  2. Interesting list of companies paying you for the month. Not the typical dividend growth stocks you normally see but still some names I’d like to add one day to my portfolio. I’m looking at STAG and APLE potentially. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are headed in the right direction. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Congrats on the amazing month Dividend Monkey! Those results aren’t just amazing…they are FREAKING AMAZING! Man I can’t wait to see how well your portfolio and dividend income continues to perform and grow. Onward and Upward DM!


    1. Bert,
      Thank you. Looking at the year over year numbers is fun. Also, having a small baseline to beat is great. I will continue to grow my dividend income. Have a great dividend day, DM.

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