What is the Best Baby Dividend Stock?

Do you know what the best baby dividend stock is? You might be thinking something like a Target (TGT) or a GameStop (GME). Guess what, you are wrong. Ok, that’s not fair. I picked the choices for you that I knew were wrong. Go ahead and guess what stock you think is the best baby dividend stock. I’ll Wait.

Turns out, you are still wrong. That sticks.  Almost as much as a poopy diaper.

What is the Best Baby Dividend Stock

What is the Best Baby Dividend Stock?

I am sure most of you guessed that some great Dividend Aristocrat Stocks would be the best baby dividend stock.  Although, you might have outsmarted me.  You guessed the correct best baby dividend stock by figuring out that this is a trick question. Drum roll please… The best baby dividend stock is my new baby. About 1 week ago, we welcome our second son into our lives.

Having a second baby has been great.  He is very happy and healthy. So far, his older brother likes him and he protects him from horrible daddy jokes. “No daddy, that not funny” (Quote, older son).  We are losing lots of sleep as expected. Who needs sleep when there is diapers to change.  I like having an alarm clock that goes off every 3 hours or less on a randomize timer. Turns out, babies still like to poop.  It has been a while since I changed a dirty diaper.  Good thing it is like riding a bike, I did not forget how to.

Anyways, back to the question.  I do not usually say things like this, especially on this site.  But the screw the dividends.  The best thing is family.  Our family is great and we are very fortunately to have them.  Even when they annoy us.  However, they are also always here for us no matter what.

Back to the Dividends

We enjoy buying dividend stocks.  One of the big reasons is for a better future for ourselves. Having another son is a great reminder of why we are doing this. I never want him to be without food, shelter, or fresh diapers.

When we achieve getting a big enough dividend stock account, I can afford to let both of my awesome sons have the nicer things in life. Such as a college education without life crippling debt. Help with a down payment for a home. Family vacations to form great memories or scar them for life from embarrassment. And the other advantages money can bring to help my sons and family out.

Also, we must not forget that money is not everything. There are many other lessons in life to learn.  However, the focus of this blog is related to money.

Baby Dividends

Thank you for reading and joining us on this very happy time for us. We are very proud parents and have amazing parents ourselves to help us.  Raising our children has been a great joy and will bring us a lot of happiness in the future.  We are very fortunate and lucky.  Please feel free to join us in the comment section below.

Disclosure: TGT and GME. I own shares.



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12 thoughts on “What is the Best Baby Dividend Stock?

  1. That’s a cheeky analysis here. Thanks for that insight. I’m not at that stage in my life just yet but a baby stock is always a good choice. Cheers.

    1. Thank you. I am very happy with having our second child and I thought I would have some fun with this post. This has been a fantastic week and I just wanted to share. I hope a bit cheeky is ok. 🙂

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