Amazing Dividend Growth for January 2017

The first month, January of 2017, is over.  Now it is time to look at all the amazing dividend growth we received. Show me the Money (Cuba Gooding, Jr., Jerry Maguire).

Amazing Dividend Growth 2017 January
Amazing Dividend Growth 2017 January

We had a very impressive growth rate for January.  In 2016, we earned $0.76 in dividends.  We’re rich. Ok, we can almost buy a pop from the vending machines.  But it 2017, we earned $65.14 in dividends.  That is an 8,571% increase YoY (Year over Year).  Just writing that makes me feel so excited. I realize that is a silly comparison, because we only receive one dividend last January on a small purchase of Realty Income (O).  However, it is so fun to write down.  In fact, I am going to do it again.  I got an 8,571% increase YoY in dividends.  Can you blame me? It is probably the last time I can write a number that big for increases (8,571%).

How did we Achieve that Amazing Dividend Growth?

Last year, we only had 4 shares of Realty Income (O).  Now, we own 18 shares.  Heck, our ownership of Realty Income (O) went up 450%, plus they had some dividend increases last year and this year already.  And, we bought more dividend paying stocks.  Investing money to make money.

Dividends we Earned

Total: $65.14


I feel pretty … oh, so pretty … oh, so pretty and witty (Adam Sandler & Jack Nicholson, Anger Management).

You can follow more of our Dividend Income History here.  Thank you for following.

How did your January dividends do?  Was it everything you could have hoped for and dreamed.  Are you least on track to meet your goals? Please feel free to share in this happy time for us.  Thank you everyone.

Disclosure: APLE, EPR, NRZ, O, ORC, and STAG: We own shares.


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18 thoughts on “Amazing Dividend Growth for January 2017

  1. I would lean towards DGJ. I like picking stocks. Different stocks have different times when they are on sale. Depending on the market, I might invest it quickly or slowly,

  2. Nice start to the year! O is going to grow quickly as it throws off its monthly dividend. Great income company to own. Looking forward to watching your success in ’17.

  3. That growth is amazing! So close to being able to say “It’s over 9000!” if you get that reference haha. I thought my growth percent was impressive but I don’t even come close to you this month. Keep that snowball rolling!

  4. Great year over year growth. It’s always fun putting up insane growth rates. Just keep buying those solid dividend payers and reinvest those dividends for faster compounding. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was very fun writing that down. I redid the calculation a bunch of times to make sure I was doing it write. I would dislike to write it down and have someone tell me I need to move the decimal point.
      Thank you for reading.

  5. I mean, the title of this article, your dividned income results, and your annual dividend increase kind of speak for themmelf, right? AMAZING RESULTS Dividend Monkey. Glad to see that you are seeing such amazing results so quickly. Keep up the great work and good luck scratching that dividend itch now that you have it!


    1. Thank you Bert,
      I definitely have the dividend itch now. I never would have guest that I would have such a high dividend increase year over year. Thank you for the support, DM

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