The 2016 Dividend Stock Review

2016 is over.  One of our biggest goals is to get paid.  And not just from just anything.  From Stocks.  To collect money from those stocks, we need those stocks to pay a dividend.  We do not want to work for those dividends, we will take them passively.  “Money for nothin’ and chicks for free” (Money For Nothing, Dire Straits).  It is time for our 2016 Dividend Stock Review.

2016 Dividend Stock Review Chart

2016 Dividend Stock Review
2016 Dividend Stock Review


2016 is the 1st year we took dividend investing seriously.  The chart above is our 1st year of collecting dividends.  In total, we collected $462.29 in dividends.  Not bad for the 1st year.

Dividends Reduced

In the last quarter, or 3 months of the year, our dividend payments fell.  This is because we were forced to Liquidate our Stock Portfolio around last September and August.  However, we have already begun Rebuilding our Stock Portfolio and 2017 should and should an even better year than 2016.

The Year Ahead

At the end of 2016, we had a forward project dividend income of $870.  That comes out to $72.50 per month, and it is an 88% increase from 2016.  Right off the bat, we should beat most months from last year.  The high paying months might go down, depending on which months those dividends get paid.  In addition, we do not own all of the exact stocks that we did before.  However, beating January should be easy, as we only got $0.76 in dividends.  Oh, Realty Income (O), my very first dividend payment.

Looking Back

Before DividendMoney, we invested randomly.  Sometimes we bought dividend stocks, growth stocks, what we saw on TV the day before, and bottom fishing.  There was no plan.  We wanted to become rich from the stock market, and did not take it seriously enough.  With collecting these dividends, this past year has been the most successful year I have had with investing.  If this keeps up, we will be very happy and financially free before we know it.

You can follow more of our Dividend Income History here.  Thank you for following.

How did your dividends stack up in 2016?  Have you already done your 2016 dividend stock review?  Was it everything you thought it would be.  Feel free to add to the discussion in the comment section below.

Disclosure: O – We own shares


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  1. I was in the same boat as you were regarding investing, just trying to time this and that until I discovered the power of Dividend Growth Investing and haven’t looked back.

  2. Wow nice year. You’ve got a nice amount of dividends. I was too investing without a plan last year and I have lost money. In 2017, I am looking to get back to dividend investing and your post motivate me to go that way.

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