Let STAG some dividends. STAG

We got our 1st STAG Industrial (STAG) dividend payment. We got $1.74 this month. Some of our dividends stocks do not even pay that a quarter. This made us excited to own more.  Is today get a good day STAG some dividends?

Monthly Dividends


STAG Industrial (STAG) is a REIT (real estate investment trust). They focus on the acquisition and operation of single-tenant, industrial properties throughout the United States.  They have 291 properties in 38 states.  Their buildings are for manufacturing and distribution warehouses. They were founded in July 2010 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts


The industrial market in the United States estimated to be $1 trillion and is fragmented market. STAG Industrial (STAG) estimate their target market of buildings that meet their criteria is $250 billion.  Currently, the largest owner is about 3% of the market.  3% of $1 trillion is $30 billion.  If STAG Industrial (STAG) is 3% of their $250 billion market, that comes to $7.5 billion.  With STAG Industrial (STAG) plant book value of $1.5 Billion, that would be 500% growth.  If we could get there, we would be rolling in the dividends.


STAG Industrial (STAG) has started paying a dividend in 2011. In 2013, they changed their dividend payment from $0.30 a quarter to $0.10 a month, which still equaled $1.20 a year.   So while that looked like a dividend cut for STAG Industrial (STAG), they just changed their payment frequency.  In addition, they have been raising it every year.

What I bought

We added another 16 shares to our account for $330.64, including our manufactured commission. This more than doubles the number of shares we owned from 15 to 31.  We increased our STAG Industrial (STAG) dividend payment to $43.09 a year from just this one company.  That is $3.59 every month from STAG Industrial (STAG).  How are you manufacturing dividends?

How do you STAG some Dividends? Please share in the comment section below.

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Disclosure: STAG – We own shares.



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