My 2016 Stock Dividend Goals

It is the start of a new year. While we have the goal of becoming financially independent, we could use some 2016 stock dividend goals for this year to increase the likelihood that we will get there. Without Goals, where are we going?  Read our 2016 Dividend Stock Goals Review.

Dividend Stock Goals 2016

Our 5 2016 Stock Dividend Goals

Goal 1: Our 1st goal is to make at least 24 stock purchases this year. This will give us the ability to dollar cost average our positions. It will also give us a reason to keep researching stocks to make more purchases.

Goal 2: To build our best of breed stock list. There are several main sectors like energy, manufacturing, banking, etc. And within those groups, there are several sub groups. In computers, there is hardware, software, clouds, servers, social media, and several more. While we are picking our stocks, this will give us a reason to pick best in breeds their categories. But besides the best of breeds we invest in, we want to get the rest of the categories filled out for when we are ready to invest in them. That way, when an opportunity presents itself, we will have the knowledge.

Goal 3: Read at least 6 books in finances. It is important to keep learning while we growth our portfolio.

Goal 4: Write at least 1 article for this site per week. This is a great place for me to learn. And by having to write articles for this site, I will have to have think out the reasons to buy the stock. It will help keep me honest and logical with my stock picks. Such as not changing my strategy, like buying a non-dividend stock even though it might be a good company.

Goal 5: Increase my projected dividend income by $600. This will be the hardest of the goal to meet. At a 5% dividend yield, I will need to increase the money invested by $12,000

With these goals above, this will greatly increase my dividend income and increase my knowledge to make even better purchases.  It has almost been 2 weeks since our 1st Dividend Stock Purchase.

Do you think these Our 5 2016 stock dividends goals will help us achieve our goal of becoming financially independent?  Please feel free to add to the conversation below.

You can follow more of our Goals for DividendMonkey.


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