Welcome to DividendMonkey

Welcome to DividendMonkey

Welcome to DividendMonkey.  We all have monkeys on our back. Some of the biggest monkeys are bill, debts, and money in general. Our plan is to have an awesome monkey on our backs. What if the monkey keeps giving you money? Every month, you have money coming to you. There are many ways to build a passive income. On this website, we are planning on using stocks to build our passive income.

Most of us do not have $500,000 to buy a bunch of dividend stocks to pay us $25,000 a year. But we have to start somewhere. We are going to start building this portfolio $200 at a time. If we do this 1,800 times, we win. While this is still a big number, it can be done.

Overall, our goal is to build an awesome portfolio that will pay us dividends that will pay us.

You can read more about our Goals for DividendMonkey.


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